The REA’S (Real Estate Authority) purpose is to promote and protect the interests of consumers buying and selling real estate, and to promote public confidence in the performance of real estate agency work.

Their job is to promote a high standard of service and professionalism in the real estate industry and help protect buyers and sellers of property.

  • They provide independent information for people who are buying and selling property through the website.

  • They provide advice and guidance for agents and deal with complaints about agents' behaviour.

  • They license people and companies working in the real estate industry.

  • They maintain a Code of Professional Conduct and Client Care setting out the professional standards real estate agents must follow.

  • They also maintain a public register of real estate agents which includes information about disciplinary action taken in the last three years.

The Real Estate Agents Authority is a Crown entity, established under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. The Real Estate Authority is the operating name of the Real Estate Agents Authority.

Agents, Branch Managers, and Licensed Salespersons (‘Licensee’) under the Real Estate Act 2008 (‘the Act’), have in addition to various other requirements of the Act, a duty of professional care and conduct.

In the event that any prospective client, client or customer feels that they have not received the level of professional conduct judiciously required by a Licensee then they have the right to address those concerns with the Licensee or with the Real Estate Authority, or both.

The Quickfall Real Estate group has established an in-house complaints process in accordance with the Real Estate Act 2008- Professional Conduct and Client Care Rules.

Information about the complaints process is available along with a complaint form.

Complaints relating to a Licensee can be made either directly in person or in writing via e-mail or post, or on-line.


General Manager

c/- Quickfall Real Estate Limited

307 Queen St, Richmond.



Making a Complaint through the Real Estate Authority (‘REA’)

A Licensee must ensure that prospective clients, clients and customers are aware that they may access the REA’s complaints process without first using the in-house procedures, and that any use of the in-house procedures does not preclude their making a complaint to the REA.

Complaints in respect of a Licensee directed to the REA can be made via the following:


The Real Estate Authority

c/- PO BOX 25-063

Wellington 6146